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My name is Lisa Baker, I am a Registered Galen Canine Myotherapist®


I trained at Galen Therapy Centre®, completeing:

Level 3 Introduction to Canine Anatomy and Physiology Course

Level 3  Diploma in Myotherapy (accredited by Laser Learning)

Canine First Aid through Galen Therapy Centre®

Galen Muscle Conditioning Course

Member of C.A.A.M (Canine Association of Accredited Myotherapists)

Member of IAAT (International Association of Animal Therapist

Certified Training to use Thor Lasers

I am currently training as an Animal Physiotherapist with The College of Animal Physiotherapy

I am fully insured


I own 3 Weimaraners, Blu, Luna and Minx, Tilly the Pug and our newest addition, Cyprus Rescue Pointer, Jet.

I've worked my Weimaraners on local shoots and have competed in Field Trials, Gundog Working Tests and Spring Poiniting Tests in the relevant seasons. I've judged at Gundog Working Tests and I am on the Weimaraner 'C' breed list for judging at Open Show level as well as judging other gundog breeds within the 'Hunt, Point, Retrieve group.  


I compete in Canicross and Bikejor, a dog sport where you run or bike with your dog attached to you by bungee.  I compete in the UK and in Europe. We have the best fun!  I also compete in Human events such as Triathlons, Mountain Bike and Road Bike events


IMG_9661 cannock 2 dog1 IMG_5962 (Edited) 20140517_125445018_iOS SB Tri Bike 16.6.19 pic for galen website