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Myotherapy and Electrotherapies treat compensatory issues of chronic conditions: 

Oesteoarthritis (OA)

Hip / Elbow Dysplasia (HD)


Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD)

Cruciate Ligament Diseases / Issues

Luxation of the Patella


Myotherapy and Electrotherapies can also help a dog recover from common pathologies such as:

Muscle Spasms and Cramps

Muscle Fatigue

Muscle Tears / Injuries

Ruptured Tendons

Intermitant Lameness

Back Pain

Stress and Stress related behavioural issues



Myotherapy can also assist with performance, or lack of, whether it be agility, gundog work or even showing, treatments to balance the muscles and strengthen core stability allowing overall flexibility can help towards optimum performance and reduce the risk of injuries.  Performing warming up and warming down exercises will also sustain the dog's body from possible injuries.


Myotherapy together with specific muscle conditioning exercises will help any working / competing dog.  Exercises are tailored for the individual dog and are based on the dog's natural movement and range, the dog is never put in a forced position or made to carry out the exercises, it is all designed for the individual dog and what they can physically cope with.  Progression of the exercises will only increase once the dog is stable enought to cope with them.  Warming up and warming down exercises can also be introduced into the programme allowing the handler to learn certain techniques that they can carry out on their dog.



Myotherapy and conditioning exercises can help a dog rehabilitating from post operative injuries.  Again, type of  treatment depends on the individual dog and what they are able to cope with, building strength and stability is essential for the dog to gain mobility and quality of life.  

Conditions Treated

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