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As a Registered Galen Myotherapist® I follow the Galen Myotherapy treating protocol in order to comply with and in additional to, our code of conduct and ethics.


A Galen Myotherapist® is trained to handle dogs in a respectful and sympathetic manner.  We only treat at the dogs level and not on tables, do not use any kind of restraining methods and very rarely use muzzles.  The dog is free to leave the treatment mat at anytime during the session.


Once Veterinary consent has been received, the initial treatment will include a full consultation and assessment to gain an overview of the dogs condition and reason for treatment, this gives a chance for me to develop a rapor with the dog, to gain trust to allow me to begin treating.  The amount of sessions needed for a dog varies and will depend on the condition.  


Apart from the initial session (usually lasting around an hour and a half) each session will be from 45 mins to an hour.


After treatment the client will be given a customised Home Recovery Plan, specific to the dog. The plan will include:


Suggestions on feeding post treatment

Suggested exercise regime

Hands-on treatments the client can do at home (this is vital as we witness a far higher and quicker recovery if clients do this)

Expectations of how the treatment will affect the dog, directly after and in the interim.

Possibly exercises that can be given to encourage recovery


My contact details will be on the plan incase there is the need to get in touch for any reason.


Further sessions will depend on the individual dog, these will be arranged at the end of each session.

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